Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Final Apple

I never intended to wait so long to write my final blog post documenting my summer in Door County, but the fact that I post today seems appropriate as it is the last day of the entire season at Peninsula Players. All the staff has been working around the clock to 'winterize' all the buildings and start stowing outdoor only furniture and benches, not to mention the mass re-organization that happens in all departments once most actors, interns and staff have gone back to their real lives.

I have been putting off eating this very apple for a week. Strange, I know. This apple is my last Door County Honeycrisp I bought when I visited earlier this fall. They hadn't come into season when I was living on campus and performing, so when the opportunity came to visit the Players AND go to Seaquist Orchard to procure said Honeycrisps, I jumped at the opportunity.  And here it is...

The final apple

In a way, this apple represents my last tie to my time there. Sure, I have keepsakes and art I made and spices from the same orchard mentioned above and even a bottle of hard apple cider and oh, yeah, memories, but this is the last fresh thing that has kept me half in Door County and half in Chicago these past 6 or so weeks. Every time I ate one of those apples, I remembered some random perfect day there or saw posts on Facebook of my colleagues still there. It felt like I was still there. There are some bags that I am embarrassed to admit are NOT unpacked yet.


Since coming back from my summer adventures, I jumped right back into a rehearsal process for my next show, Master Class. We opened last weekend! And, I returned to teaching high schoolers how to sing. I'm at two high schools this year and am proud to say I call that, nannying and singing for Jesus on Sundays, my day job(s). It all relates to what I want to do with my life and allows me to schedule the  necessary performer life duties like auditions, rehearsals and performances with less stress. My google calendar may look like a skittles package exploded, but I remind myself every time it gets stressful, I am CHOOSING this life on purpose.

Where IS the free time?

I learned so much as a theatre professional and as a person from my time in Door County. I learned a new way to approach scene study and how to affect my scene partner. I also had the chance to just have fun and go on adventures. For those of you who know me well and are already aware my google calendar looks like a skittles package barfed all over the place and has for quite some time, you probably also know taking time for me is something I neglect to do on a regular basis. I've joined a new gym with awesome amenities. I've taken the time to actually explore some local eateries and businesses in my neighborhood. I'm back to cooking for myself. I went to an Illini game at Solider Field. I witnessed two dear friends get married. I even participated in the Open House Chicago weekend sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. In other words, I'm working toward a more balanced work/play schedule instead of all work work work and I couldn't be happier.

I had a great summer away and it instilled in me the new sense that I am in control of my destiny, hence all the changes in my life when coming back home. I am starting to figure out some specific plans for the next 5 years. I want to travel more with my work and do gigs where I can live somewhere for an extended time and really get to know a city/area. I want to work with local teachers in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs to become a better teacher myself. I want to write another blog! And the list gets longer by the day.

Thank you for reading about my summer shenanigans. I hope you'll join me on my next adventure. Until then...

The best sunset

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  1. Loved reading this- congrats Rachel! :) Also, check out Princeton and Festival 56 next summer...I think you'd enjoy it :) Oh, and come visit me in China- there's theater here!